Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 2 = Super Fun!

Another great day at VBS! Today we learned "Give Happily to God".

A few reminders for tomorrow:
Our offering challenge is to fill our  temporary pantry that has been set up for VBS week with non perishable food items. Our church is a storage and prep facility for the new Jupiter food pantry. The food collected will go to our food pantry room where it will be sorted and bagged and sent over to the pantry. The children are truly putting their lesson from today (give happily to God) in action as they help to feed other families right here in our own town. Take a moment tonight over dinner to ask your child about the food pantry tour they took this morning.

The food items brought in each morning is collected during the singing time every morning. Peanut butter is one of the items that is always in high demand. Good news...it's buy 1 get 1 free right now at Publix through this Wednesday, June 14th. It's truly awesome to see the children stocking the pantry while singing Awesome God!

The cup they made today in the craft center was designed to collect loose change that they can use to Give Happily to God in a way they feel called to serve (i.e. Sunday morning offering, buying canned goods for the local pantry, and/or to help purchasing school supplies for someone in need).
Name Tags:
If you accidentally took your name tag home, could you please bring it back tomorrow when you come. We are always happy to make you another name tag as needed; however, we do not have enough of the daily secret ingredient cards (which is attached to most name tags) to give out more to everyone. Thank you for your help with the name tags!!

Don't forget to sign up for all the Friday night fun! There will be pizza, snacks, a cookie decorating station, science experiments, bounce houses, crafts on display and a short presentation from the children. Don't Miss Out!!


Be Ready for God - Shake It Up!
Give Happily to God - Shake It Up!

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