UPDATE: 6/21/11
“Whatever you do, work at it with all of your heart,
as working for the Lord, not for men.” Colossians 3:23

“In the same way, let your light shine before men,
that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”
 Matthew 5:16

 YOU ALL ARE AMAZING!! Everyone gave so much of themselves to make the week a huge success! There are not enough thank yous for all that you put into the week! We are already looking ahead to next year and many of you have already requested your spot for next year – love it.

The new theme for VBS 2012 (oh yeah, you read that correctly) will be revealed July 1st by Cokesbury. You can visit their website now and place your guess at what you think next year’s theme will be. Good Luck!

I am closing the books from this year but before I do, I would like to make notes for next year. I welcome your thoughts and ideas on what worked well and what needs improvement. Please email me (bkbetz@hotmail.com) or leave a comment on the home page so we can start looking towards a successful 2012!

I pray for a restful and relaxed summer for all of you.
”Well done good and faithful servants.”


  UPDATE: 6/14/11
Good news...we will have the remaining volunteer t-shirts tomorrow...well, kind of! Cokesbury has decided to no longer print shirts and canceled all remaining orders. Hmm...would've been good to know before, but that's all a part of being flexible during VBS week and rolling with the punches.
Punt time everyone...Cokesbury agreed to overnight the Shake It Up Cafe' iron on transfers. Valerie (our science center guru) so graciously volunteered herself to go and pick up more royal blue shirts. She is on a scavenger hunt in Palm Beach Gardens and Okeechobee Blvd. as we speak picking up all the shirts. We will have a team feverishly ironing on the logos so you will have shirts by the end of the day. Yahoooo!

A few reminders:
1. If you took your name tag home, please remember to bring it back tomorrow morning

2. If possible, could you please leave your child's craft at the church throughout the week so they can be on display for everyone Friday night.

3. Please try to sit amongst your groups in the different centers to help them be active listeners in each room. We appreciate your participation at each center.

4. There will be no time limit at the kitchen snack area for the volunteers. Fill your bellies while making smart choices and it will be all good!


"You own the warehouse and everything in it!"

UPDATE: 6/13/11

 You all knocked it out of the park today! WAY TO GO!! I appreciate you all being so flexible with schedules, group changes and all the “in betweens”. You were truly “Ready For God” to use you in a mighty way!!

I tried to grab most of you on your way out to see if there was anything we could make improve for the rest of the week. All were minor and manageable and we will continue to make the necessary adjustments as needed in order to keep everything running smoothly. I cannot say thank you enough for all your hard work and dedication.

Your name tag, leader clips and group name tags are on a wooden hanger in the Fellowship Hall when you first walk in on the left. You can pass them out to your group when they arrive. Please be careful as it will not take much to get them all tangled. We also had a great team today that wrote out nametags for the back of everyone’s shirt so you can call your child by name even when they have their back to you. You will receive all of that tomorrow during the devotion time. I recommend that one leader passes out the front nametags while the other leader/youth sticks the nametags to the back of their shirts.

 Remember tomorrow we will meet at 8:40am. I am praying for each and every one of you. Get some rest tonight and we will hit the ground running again tomorrow!


Update 6/12/11
Ready or not.....HERE WE GO! I am crazy excited for tomorrow morning!! Please remember to wear your blue VBS shirts everyday this week. If you have not received your shirt yet, it should be arriving in the mail Monday afternoon - please be patient, we will get them to you asap.

Groups have been shifted slightly due to our high numbers. It is imperative that you arrive early enough that you can get your group leader clip with your roster and group information. Please remember to be at the church by 8:30am for a devotional and prayer time. We will also give any last minute announcements at this time. Grab your name tag in the snack center prior to the devotion.

Thank you in advance for being so AMAZING!!

Update 6/5/11
Yesterday's decorating day was AMAZING!! Thank you to everyone who came to help. I think that was our best turn out ever for our first decorating day. We took a big chunk out of the "to-do list".

Please mark your calendars for this week's decorating dates:
Monday, June 6th
Tuesday, June 7th
Thursday, June 9th
Saturday, June 11th

The time for all dates this week will be 9am - 12pm. There is no pressure or requirement for showing up and decorating. We are the Body - we help where we can and when we can so please do not worry or stress about the schedule!

Don't forget, you must attend one of the volunteer trainings on
Wednesday June 8th at 6pm OR Sunday, June 12th at 12pm.

Thanks VBS Team!! You are all Top Chefs!!

Can you believe all that Styrofoam from my living room fit into my van?

Our artists were amazing! It's hard to believe that these are the same pieces of Styrofoam!

Entrance into Fellowship Hall

See you all soon. Have a great week!!

Update 6/2/11
SCHOOL'S OUT!!!! YEAH - Let the summer fun begin. That means decorating is kicking into high gear for the next 1 1/2 weeks....1 1/2 weeks? Yep, that it's! So let's "get cooking"! Decorating time for this Saturday June 4th is set for 12:30 pm (instead of the original 9am - see below for last update).

My house is over crowded with decorations and VBS fun and it's time to unload it and start the process....come one come all. Everybody is welcomed to join us!!

There used to be a front door around here somewhere...as soon as we locate the exit, we will be there on Saturday and we hope you will be too!

Update 6/1/11
Decorating change of plans...a long time member of our church, Carlton Stoddard,  passed away yesterday and his funeral is scheduled for Saturday at 10am. We will be decorating later in the afternoon rather than early morning. I am waiting to hear when it would be more appropriate for us to come in and start decorating. Please check back regularly and I will be updating this site with the new time. I have lots of items to paint and hang from the ceiling. Thank you everyone for your patience!!


Update 5/31/11
Mark your calendars for the following decorating dates:

Saturday, 6/4 @ 9am in Fellowship Hall
*Moving furniture, hanging streamers and lots of painting

Saturday, 6/11 @ 9am in Fellowship Hall
*Decorating Narthex area and individual centers

Sunday, 6/13 @11:45am after 2nd service in Fellowship Hall
*time to add the final touches for the big start the following day!

*Please note that we will also be decorating throughout the week (6/6 - 6/10) at various times. Make sure to check back with definite dates and times.

Update 5/31/11
Mark your calendars for VOLUNTEER TRAINING dates:

Wednesday, 6/8 @ 6:00pm


Sunday, 6/12 @ 12pm

Please note that you are required to attend at least ONE of the training dates in order to learn about the week, your responsibilities and have an overview of what to expect.